Sunday, July 10, 2011

Some fairies used to live by the ocean. The waves came up and on the sand and washed away the fairies. So the fairies flew up above the ocean, where the waves couldn't get them. They moved to very high up cliff, that was magical, and they lived there, where no people have ever been in real life.
I believe I'm a fairy, so I'm a fairy. I believe it in my whole brain in my head, and in my belly and my arms and my legs. I believe it with my whole body and brain, so I am.
When a fairy gets hurt, they call another fairy, who sprinkles fairy dust on their owie, then their owie gets better.
The way we get to fairy land is, we draw a picture of it. First we put in one foot, then one arm, then the other foot, then the other arm, then our heads, then our back, then my tushy, then we're all the way in. Then we realize our legs are small instead of big, and our arms are short instead of long, and that our whole selves are small instead of big, because we're fairies in fairy land. Then we start flapping our wings and we figure out how to use them, and we fly away, and sprinkle fairy dust on things.
Fairies never die. When they die, they don't really die, they just turn into trees and flowers and other plants. And if they get tired of being a tree, they can go underground and they can just turn into a daffodil or whatever they want to turn into. They can turn back into a fairy if they want to. Just their shadow stays underground.
When a fairy gets squished, it turns into two fairies. I got squished once. The other one of me lives in fairy land all the time.